Idle heroes pet guide

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Idle heroes pet guide

At certain points in the game, the optimal action is not the same as another point. Here is how i define them. Obtaining hero copies in this game is all about events. Generally, there are events each week starting on Thurs. The events themselves reward a player for doing what they were already going to be doing, just saved up and done all at once.

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The best way to get hero copies is to save for Events. The best way to do events is to properly prepare and pool resources ahead of time. Scrambling and using random resources causes such a huge loss to overall progression, at those times its better to just pass on the event. I have put little notes in each section on how i feel this is best accomplished. This event has a set of bosses to kill for rewards. Pretty basic. The first tier is pretty doable by almost anyone.

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The 2nd and 3rd take a bit more. The 3rd is outright insane with billions of HP, and Damage Reduction through the roof. All of these upgrades are worth it, but this event is very expensive to continually complete. Armor is more important that most realize especially early game. Read up and decide for yourself who you want.

idle heroes pet guide

Check my other guide if you would like to know who to keep or not. Your pet can make or break you. Besides getting actual good heroes, this is the most important thing you can do. Imo Pheonix is the best starting pet. The amount of heroes with fire dots is large including one of the most necessary heroes Sigmundthe heal is clutch, they DoT is decent, and the damage boost is great.

Works really well for both PvE and early PvP. After Leveling your first pet to max, save you mats. A new monster will be total crap until it is able to be maxed out or close to maxed out. The boost from a pet is just too big to use a crap pet in any regard. If they release a new OP pet, or more pet levels, you are prepared. A great 2nd pet is Deer. Aspen Dungeon After the Stealth nerf to Aspen, its not as important as it used to be.

You can no longer buy Casino coins for gold in Nightmare and above. Still it is useful for the smashes, and the occasional rare gold deal.It successfully incorporates RPG elements in order to create depth in the hundreds of characters that are available for you to recruit. Basically, it replaces the usual RPG grinding with idle gaming in order to do away with all the boring parts of gameplay. Just set your hero training and when you log back in after a few hours, your hero will be ready for battle.

That does not mean, however, that the heroes will not need any help from you in order to reach their full potential. You will need to equip them with the right gear as well as evolve them once they are ready.

Since the level-grinding is automated, your success will ultimately depend on your decision making. Make sure you read our Idle Heroes strategy guide in order to learn everything you need to know! Some of the strongest characters that you can get in the game are 5-star heroes. They are not easy to acquire, so it is important that you grab any opportunity to secure one. The good news is that you can get your first 5-star hero for free by simply registering your account.

You just need to provide a working email address in order to register. After that, you will receive a 5-Star Norma. She is an excellent starter hero that can easily carry your team until mid-game. Idle Heroes is pretty generous when it comes to rewards, especially for active players. Logging in on a daily basis can get you a lot of freebies. The freebies include various things, but what you are really after is the 5-star shards.

Collecting these shards will allow you to summon a 5-star hero for free. The only catch is that the hero shards change regularly, so you may need to wait some more in order to get all the shards you need.

The 5-star hero you get from daily logins are also usually not the best options, but they are still worth holding on to, compare to the 4-stars that you might have on your team.

You will be able to earn them without spending real money, but it takes some time.Kristian has always played games and insists that he will never grow out of it!

His dream is to play with a pro gamer one day. This Idle Heroes guide explains all the ways that you can ensure that you are playing and progressing quickly and efficiently. It covers how to get stronger idle heroes quickly, how to get rare gear, and how to power up your heroes without spending a penny!

This article explores how often you should be farming the campaign and fighting in the arena.

Idle Heroes Events – Guide & Sneak Peeks

This article also covers the best strategies for progressing faster in Idle Heroes. Idle Heroes is a mobile game by Idle Games. It is a RPG, fantasy, mobile game with turn-based combat. It is currently available for both Android and iOS. It currently has over 5 million downloads and it has a fairly strong 4.

idle heroes pet guide

Fundamentally, there are many heroes that you can use to form a team. You must try to play your team against other teams in a turn-based combat system that is either AI or PvP. The game features different ways to increase your heroes' powers and enable them to progress through the game faster. As suggested in the name, the game has an idle theme to it, whereby each player will accumulate resources to improve their heroes over time without any input from the player.

If you are a new player, the best beginning strategy would entail trying to acquire the most powerful heroes before focusing on anything else. The gear and guild tech in this game are important, but having a good team of heroes provides a strong foundation that you can build upon. If you have a particular composition of heroes, then you can access some really good bonuses.

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In my experience, I always favour selecting better heroes over keeping a composition together. With that said, it is always good to aim to establish a balanced composition that utilizes potential bonuses.

There are a few different types of resources available in this game and each resource serves a different purpose.Celestial Island has been prominent in the idle heroes which is why a player should not ignore it. It is an island area located on the main screen at the top left corner right beside the Prophet Tree. The Celestial Island appears on the screen of every player.

But the question is what is the purpose of Celestial Island. Celestial Island is the place where a player can upgrade many buildings. The next thing it helps a player to attack the Monster Island situated near to the celestial island. It gets started at level 1 watch tower and two empty slots. Pits — It helps in forming up the mines also known as resource buildings. It generates gold, gem and magic dust with time.

Holy Terrace — A Holy Terrace will provide specific boots for the Celestial island so players emphasis on building it up.

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Watch Tower is the headquarter or the centre place of the entire island as it controls the whole island. Moreover, one can quickly determine the size of the island after knowing the level of the watchtower.

The player should keep on upgrading the level of the Watch Tower. It is because a player can raise the number of buildings constructed on the island. Also, it allows going ahead in maximum levels of the buildings. Apart from these, it supports you in attacking closely located monster island through which one can earn better rewards as well as Purple Daffodil.

Not only this but the level of monsters present in the adjacent islands also depends on the level of Watch Tower. As players finish off these monsters, they will be able to earn more rewards. Upgrading the Watch Tower and Holy Relics to the top level requires stone of void. So, try to save these stone of void as much as it is possible.

The enemies are on small and big islands. Ensure that whenever a player is going to increase the Watch Tower level, the enemies should not get stronger. If a player wants to get information about the monster and bosses located around their celestial island, then they can select expedition.

There are usually many small islands around the celestial island, but the boss island or the nest-of-void is only one. It is quite similar to the Marauder or Guild Boss and to ultimately destroy them a player has to attack such island many times.

idle heroes pet guide

Of course, a player may win or lose when attacking but, in any case, it will take eight hours for the boss island or nest-of-void to respawn. Similarly, all the small island will take six hours to reset. To earn a reward when attacking a small island, the player has to win, but this condition is not when it is nest-of-void. Here a player can win whether or not he wins.

The nest of void or the boss island total 6 in number. All of these nests of voids have its particular abilities and stats. Building resources which are of three kinds can only be possible by building it in the Pits.

At the time of making first resources, it requires 12k gold and 50 gems. A resource in the higher level can generate more resources with time.If you are a free player, skip this. It can be achieved by purchasing both of the monthly privilege cards, as well as the Diamond Fund. All of which are found in the 'Privilege' menu in the top-right corner. It's a high priority.

Continue to do this for the rest of your time on Idle Heroes. Keep every hero in shards that you won't immediately use - your hero bag is limited, your shard bag is not, and you want to use that to your advantage so you're not being forced to altar tons of heroes just to free up space. Also, it may be wise to use non-elite heroes like Mirage or Gusta, until they can be replaced with better heroes, as elite heroes are rarer.

You actually lose gems by doing those two quests outside of free days. Try to get to 30 friends as soon as possible to maximize your hearts for heart summons. Make appropriate purchases in the marketplace.

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The majority of other gem purchases are not worth it, especially as a new player, and buying spirit or promotion stones is too steep of a gold price for a new player. If you are a free-to-play player, you'll want to save your gems for the Gembox and Blacksmith events, as well as bag space when needed. To do this, only buy wish coins, Hero Challenge, and tavern rerolls each day until you have at least 12, gems. At this point, it's a good idea to purchase Heroic Scrolls with any extra gems beyond that.

So at 13, gems, buy 8 Heroic Scrolls from the market, then wait for 13, again. On the bottom of the screen, there will be a free gems every day, which stacks up very fast with your other sources of gems. You as a new player have a limited amount of gold. Do not spend gold to upgrade every hero you get. See Events for a detailed guide.

Game events are cycling week after week, some of them are new, but we know that there are specific events that we use items that we collect day by day. It is in these event that we will use them to get greater rewards.

Aspen Dungeon Guide – How to play the level 72 like a Pro!

Always save as much as you can for these events. You just summon heroes with Heroic Summon Scrolls and get specific summon prizes. Just collect Heroic Summon Scrolls till the next summoner event. It is advised to always wait for the next fusion even if you can fuse something since the rewards are pretty neat. Rewards for completing a specific amount of Tavern quests. The top reward also includes 50x 5 Star Hero Shard.

Idle Heroes Events – News, Event Calendar and Guides

This event is probably the easiest, complete numerous of drawing to get prizes, use your collected Wishing Coins to get prizes, do not waste your casino rolls, but prepare for the next event, it will return with great rewards. This event consists of winning hundreds of battles using Arena TicketsUsually or As of now, winning in both the Crystal Crown League and Trial of the Champion gives you 3 points, while losing gives 1 point.

Never spend your Guild Coins in the Guild Shop. It is always a better investment to spend them in the Guild Tech. Celestial Island is also important since it will give you extra gems and resources and some buildings will give you a boost in stats.

Never get excited with good heroes.Monster is an element that opens at level They give solid emanations to your group and can shoot a unique assault to help you in a fight. There is an aggregate of 8 distinct Monsters. Be that as it may, you can just bring 1 Monster for each fight. In spite of the fact that they in a roundabout way increment your harm by giving buffs through airs and their unique assault. These can be gotten from:.

Idle Heroes Monsters (Pets) Guide + Tier List (2019 Update)

Monsters require a lot of assets to update. It can take anyplace between months or more to maximize your first Monster. If you lament picking a particular Monster, you can generally Resurrection it. Level 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4. Level Overhaul Costs Level Skill 1 Skill 2 Skill 3 Skill 4. This level rundown is proposed for players in the early or mid amusement who are picking their first or second Monster.

Idle Heroes - Shadow Seal Land Guide

Unique Assault: Arrangements k harm to 4 adversaries and seeps for k each round for 3 rounds. The Wolf is the best Monster in a PvE situation. Pirates, Society Attack and Broken Space, for the most part, comprises of 3 or fewer foes. This implies the restrictive harm buff from the unique assault will dependably be relevant. The Protective layer Break which is connected through the second Air is additionally an astonishing option to any group.

The harm managed by the Extraordinary Assault is roughly multiple times higher than each other Monster close to Snake as they do approach harm. Uncommon Assault: Arrangements k harm to 4 adversaries. The recuperating done by the Deer can truly be your life friend in need amid extreme battles. The Protection and Square gave from the Atmospheres together with the Covering from the Exceptional Assault influence your group to turn out to be extremely tough.

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This is especially useful when battling through the late phases of Society Strikes where the supervisors regularly murder you inside an initial couple of rounds. Amid indisputably the late amusement completely empowered group the Deer is the best Monster for PvP too. The Mythical serpent is an extremely adaptable Monster as it is solid in PvP yet in addition in certain PvE situations, for example, the Fearless Preliminary and Tower of Insensibility.

In any case, it accompanies a strong opportunity to CC which can turn the fight to your support. The related Sacred Harm buff does not depend on a particular debuff on the adversary. Uncommon Assault: Arrangements k harm to 4 foes and toxic substances for k each round for 3 rounds. Practically indistinguishable to the Wolf. The main contrast is the buffs given from the atmospheres and having cooperative energy with toxic substance rather than a drain.

Along these lines, making Expertise Harm mediocre compared to Defensive layer Break. On the off chance that you have a particular group synthesis that is synergistic with the Snake, it is clearly the best decision.

Nonetheless, Snake is synergistic with a toxic substance which is a Spot and Expertise Harm does not influence Dabs.

Along these lines, genuinely hard to make a group creation around. Gifts 4 partners 50 Vitality. The Fox is a generally adaptable Monster. The vitality can permit your heroes to shoot their Dynamic Expertise 1 round quicker than expected.If you are new to Idle Heroes and confused about what pet should you choose, this article is for you.

This article will give the idea about all the Idle Heroes Pets or Monster. Selecting a monster is a crucial task to accomplish in Ideal Heroes. If a player takes a casual approach to it, his challenges will increase in the game. When looking for the sources of monster material Brave Trial, Broken Space, farming those celestial island and Fusion event are all good options.

Obtaining auras is the next important thing in the later part of the game. Thus, it is essential to save the stone a player is having so that he could spend in finding auras when it came within reach. When a player finds these auras, they realize growth in their power. Once a player goes to level 28, it is the level where these auras offer the advantage of the maximum special bonus.

So, at this level, a player should stop and work for another different aura. It is because the two, in the end, will be costly so you should fill them later. Choose one of the monsters and maximizes it. After that choose another monster and maximize it. Keep on repeating this with different monsters instead of rebirthing them.

As rebirthing may cost a lot of gold equivalent to M for all the auras, cha-ching and the changing of monster will hardly bring any change to it. The power is Crit and Crit Damage.

Dragon as a monster will deal with less damage compared to Snake or Wolf. Two heroes Field and King Barton obtain damages from stun. Deer holds importance in E3 meta due to its percent-based healing. So, choosing a monster as deer is extremely beneficial currently until there is no upgrade monster. However, at some point player does not value Deer similar to Brave Trail which is also among the best monster material source.

Thus, even if it is not the ultimate one, but it will not disappoint in the level. Having a fox as the monster ensure that the player has good energy as it provides it to the player. Fox is beneficial as it provides Crowd Control, Damage against a few Bosses as the hero might withdraw easily in front of them and got a special power that adds the big difference.


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